Jobs In Medical Field

There are so many jobs in medical field right now…

That it nearly boggles the mind in comparison with how the rest of the job market in the USA is doing these days.

We will share a truly epic top tip with you below on how you could potentially double your lifetime income in any job market including of course all the jobs in the medical field as well.

You won’t believe how simple it is, but first….

There are so many medical jobs in high demand in really high paying positions such as Anesthesia Nurse, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, anything to do with specialized lab work and much more.

Those are just a few of the medical field jobs that really stand out. Of course there are lots of openings for physical therapist assistants, Nurse practitioner, Medical Lab Technician, Radiology and many more as well.

There are a couple of helpfulĀ  hints. Look to see what you’re qualified for and look to see what type of medical schools online you might qualify for and that you could do part time without ever setting foot into a classroom. You might be surprised what just one or two years of continuing medical education could do for your medical career for the rest of your life.

Next look at some of the different pages we have here on this site. Look around at some of the different categories and posts, you may pick up that one tidbit or great idea that leads you down the path to a better career and a better paying medical job.

If you’re looking for a change in careers or a new job seriously ask yourself if you were the employer what would you want from your staff? What would be your level of expectation? Then say how can I best make my administrator of supervisor look good. Because you already know that’s what they truly want. They are just like everyone else, they want to move up the ladder, they want to be recognized, and they want better pay. If you help them get what they want they will help you get what you want.

All jobs in medical field are that way. Heck ALL jobs in every field are that way if you stop to think about it for a minute. Why are we telling you this? Because we truly want you to succeed and be happy in life and anything we can do to help you accomplish this also enriches us as well, if through nothing more than karma. Seriously, we want you to have a great experience on our site so each of our pages is tailored to helping you fulfill your needs.

Now The Top Tip!

The top tip to potentially doubling your lifetime income in jobs in the medical field (or any job in any career for that matter) is LOCATION!

Yes, where you choose to live and work is far more important than what school you went to (unless it was Ivy League and even then this tip will make you more) it’s more important than whether you got a B or C average and it can be even more important than years on the job in many cases.

Here’s an example: We found an RN position in one area (the lowest we could find) for a salary of only $34,799. And it is quite common to find them in the low 40 thousand dollar ranges.

Now contrast that with the top state paying $84,593 for the exact same job, same hours and same educational requirements. That’s a lot more that double.

We have seen jobs in all fields not just medical have similar disparities. Yes some not so much of a difference, but some with even more and several being over triple.

Just think, what if you lived on just half your salary because that’s all you thought you were going to get anyway. Then because of our tip you end up banking and investing 1/2 your income. How well do you think you could retire when you get ready to do so with all that money.

So, when you are deciding how you will maximize the earnings of your career thing geographically as well.When the time comes you can find charts online that will tell you what a job pays by state it’s really easy.

The other thing to do is look at the highest paying states cost of living. Is it off the charts? If so then you may not really be making that much more. We have found that you can find really high paying states that are also medium to low cost of living. You just need to balance these things is all.


Check out our Jobs in Medical field site and we truly hope that we provide a benefit for you.

Have a wonderful day!